Why is email marketing important?

Email Marketing is sending emails to people who have expressed interest in receiving an email communication from you. Website visitors can sign up to your Newsletter, Free EBook or Guide, to then start communicating by regular emails.

Through the use of ongoing email campaigns you can establish trust and engagement through education, special offers, and promotion of your products and services.

Did you know that?
• 80% of retail professionals indicate that email marketing is their greatest driver of customer retention
• When a prospect or customer who opens an email on a mobile device opens that same email again on another device, they are 65% more likely to click-through to your site/offering.
• Tuesday is the best day of the week to send emails (According to 10 independent Studies)
• While 26% of SMB’s polled use email marketing for sales, just 7% use email as a brand-building tool.
• Effective email campaigns can increase sales profit by 200% to promote additional products or services.

Make email marketing successful?

Benefits of Email Marketing for Business

Email Marketing is an excellent offline communication tool that can nurture customer engagement and keep customers interest in your brand, product or service.
Your email contact list is vital to your business and must be treated with high importance.
Essentially it forms part of your client database to form ongoing relationships with your customers with your company.

“Only 49% of businesses use some form of email automation.”

Having an online form setup on your website to capture customers email addresses and information is absolutely vital in the online world.
Here are some examples of how we can help you with your email marketing;

  1. Contact Us Forms
  2. Quote Forms
  3. Form to Email enquiry
  5. Capturing customer details by Offering a Free Newsletter or Guide
  6. Landing page to capture customer details
  7. Email Branding with templates
  8. Email Automation with using client lists
  9. Target active clients with Exclusive deals and Special Offers
  10. Email Autoresponder for Email Series, Autopilot, Sales conversions templates



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Why is email marketing important?
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