Tips To Improve Your Website From A Leading Web Design Agency in Adelaide

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So, your website looks pretty. It’s got all the animation and sparkle. But, in the first five seconds of viewing your website, can viewers determine what your company does? It’s all got bright colours and stylish font. But, is it easy to navigate? It’s filled to the brim with content, but is it too cluttered? It has all the aesthetic appeal you’d expect with a great website, but does it have a high bounce rate?

Tips From a Leading Web Design Agency in Adelaide..

Designing for aesthetics and appearance only leads to a website that fails to convert and fails to keep viewers coming back and browsing for longer.  At Adelaide Web Design Marketing, we can tell the pretty website from the pretty ineffective one. Simply excelling in limited aspects such as design and content renders an unsuccessful website. What you need is design and content which feeds seamlessly into a website’s functionality and user experience.  It also needs to communicate what your company does and who you do it for as well as addressing core concerns.

With this in mind, it’s time to have a hard look at your website and how you optimise it. With our secret tips revealed below, you’ll be able to improve your web design and fast.

Web Design Agency Tips Revealed

First off, mapping out your buyer’s journey – from first website visits to actual purchases –  through thorough planning will ensure that your website meets visitors’ needs. Plan out the pages, the content and the offers customers will convert on. Designing a website for the next step and not the final step means you’ll have a website which helps nurture leads through the sales funnel and one which answers the right questions in the correct order.

Once you have planned everything out, be sure to omit certain elements from your website which detract from the value and message. Lengthy content, over-complicated animations and stocky website images are a no-no. Other no-nos include ambiguous terminology and jargon. What you can include is powerful short sections of content which get the main points across as well as icons and photographs with concise headers.

Then, you most certainly want to include social media and follow buttons which act as a non-pushy tool to encourage social sharing. Furthermore, add call-to-action buttons which show users what they should do next, guides them through your website and helps them to solve their pain points.

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Tips for Web Design Agency in Adelaide

We Also Recommend The Following

  1. Only use the right images which fit the message and be sure not to plague your website with too many photos.
  2. Make sure you include a simple, easy to use navigation interface or navbar.
  3. Include an intro video, a write-up of services, case studies and success stories, an about us page and resources.
  4. Incorporate white space in the website design to increase readability.
  5. Optimise your website for mobile users.
  6. Include SEO, search terms and keywords which help your website get found.
  7. Incorporate new and unique offerings within the web pages.
  8. Always keep your website content fresh, unique and appealing to your target market and personas.

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For more tips to improve your website, contact our web design agency, Adelaide today! Our web design experts at Adelaide Web Design Marketing can help you create a leading site which not only looks pretty but does a pretty great job at enhancing conversions and bringing in new customers!

Tips To Improve Your Website From A Leading Web Design Agency in Adelaide
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