Single page websites are simple and focused informational pages, sometimes referred to as landing pages.

A single page website, or also known as a One page website is a great way for a business to get online and have their business information displayed. A cleanly laid out one page business website are user friendly and are mobile responsive.

All the information is displayed on a single page, listing all the information from top to bottom. Above all, the visitor will easily be able to scroll and stay on the same page without needing to click through menu items.

Single Page Websites
Components of a Single Page websites

Benefits of a Single Page websites

  • Great for displaying Business Services and Offerings
  • Excellent for Sales Pages for displaying a physical or downloadable product
  • Excellent for Capturing Leads for your business
  • Good for smaller websites with less than 300 words of content
  • Better user experience from any device with no navigation through menus
  • Landing pages can be easily scaled as your business grows
  • Google will index your Single Page and will allow you to appear in search results
  • Single Page website are excellent at targeting specific products or services
  • Display Video, Images, Contact Information and Customer reviews to stand out from the crowd.

What you get in a Single Page website design!

A Single Page website will be designed and customised to match your business look and feel.

It will include features like;

  • Your Business Logo (provided)
  • Business / Company Name
  • A Business Profile
  • A description about your business with text and information about your business
  • Headings listing your main services or offerings
  • Contact information, Email Address, Phone number, address
  • A contact form
  • A Google Map showing displaying you business location
  • A gallery of your images up to 10 ( 5 Stock images if non provided)
  • A short video in mp4 format (to be provided)
  • A Standout Slideshow displaying your business image
  • Social media links and icons for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram
  • Site Submitted to Google Search Engine
  • SEO plugin installed
  • Quick Turnaround – completion of website in 2 weeks

What you need for your Single Page Website

  1. A Domain Name (If you need a Domain Name registered we can help you with that)
  2. Website Hosting (We can provide this service for you )
  3. Email Hosting (We can provide this service for you)
  4. A Business Logo (We can create one for you)
  5. Text and Images (We can assist you with this for your website)


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